Financial Product

Financial Products

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NMF BANK Inventory Financing Loan

This offers credit facility for market traders that engage in buying and selling. The essence of this loan is strictly for stock re-financing. Obligor is expected to have a shop either holding a tenancy or ownership title. The loan is repayable in six equal monthly installments. The business should be capable of generating steady cash inflow.

NMF BANK Salary Advance

NMF BANK Salary Advance
This product offers loans to salary earners in public and private sectors with a strong going concern. It aims at assisting salary earners to solve or address their immediate pressing needs. Borrower is expected to give 33 to 50% of his monthly take home to satisfy monthly repayment.

NMF BANK Business Extra loan

This is designed to assist borrowers that do not have immovable collateral to secure loan. Maximum take limit of One Million Naira (N1.00m) provided customer meets minimum monthly average Turn Over exceeding 60% of total exposure. This is applicable to traders. Such an obligor may be required to provide two different capable guarantors as a surrogate to lack of collateral. Consistent cash-flow generation is required.

NMF BANK Shop Rent Loan

This is put in place to assist business men and women pay their rent. The payment shall be made directly to landlord. This is repayable in six month equal instalment.

NMF BANK Consumer Loan

This is to help both traders and salary earners in buying household items such as television, radio, refrigerator, Air conditioner, laptops, cooking utensil, items alike etc. The tenor is for six months.